Episode 2 – No End in Sight

Show notes: Today’s episode will be about the endless war we have gotten into overseas, the fight against terrorism, and the use of American lives as political war pawns. Listen in to hear about the hypocrisy surrounding our war on terror. Bring our troops home! Stop the spending! No more bombs! Why are we still fighting this war?! When will this end? I thought we were fighting for freedom, liberty & democracy?

Episode 1 – Pilot

Show notes: Join me today on my first ever episode of Shakedown Shan! I look forward to discussing life, politics, and the power of positivity with you all! I highly encourage listening even if you don’t align with libertarian views because hearing other opinions only broadens your horizons. I hope this journey will lead to great discussions on many topics. Today I will be giving you a brief introduction to who I am and we are then going to dive straight into the hot topic of the month… GUN CONTROL! Lastly we will be ending with a more positive note… stay tuned to find out what that is! Every Saturday I will be doing a live broadcast of my show at 4pm eastern standard time, and you can find that on saratogabroadcasting.com. However, I understand that many of you have very busy lives and wont be able to listen in live SO my show will be recorded live and later uploaded to this website for post listening at your own convince. Positive vibes, Shan