Episode 27 – Constitutional Amendments Cont…

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Show notes: Find me on Spotify now too! Today’s show is a continuation of the previous. We are finishing up going through the constitutional amendments.

Episode 26 – The Constitutional Amendments

Show notes: This show is diffrent than most. Instead of talking about current events, we will be going over the constitutional ammandments. Feels good to get “out of the loop” every now and then! I’m excited to share with you my favorite 2 and least favorite 2 and discuss the rest! Most americans aren’t aware of what the ammendments are past 1, 2 & 13. Most of which can’t even tell you that the abolition of slavery even is #13. So I thought it would be kind of fun to go over the 27 that we currently have. These will be my best understanding/ interprutation of the amendments. If you have feedback of a different understanding that you would like to share with me please feel free to do so! You can contact me via email: ShakedownShanPodcast@gmail.com or on my facebook page: Shakedown Shan.

Episode 25 – Regulations Are Bringing You Down

Show notes: Today we discuss an array of problems that government regulations cause. For one example, listen in to hear about how less regulation could have decreased the amount of people affected by the California wildfires. Kim and Kanye hire private firefighters…. are they libertarians too?! And also, we discuss supply and demand (yes again) and what the effects of subsidizing does to the supply and demand equilibrium and what effects it has on the consumers! (Inspired by a recent facebook quabble).

Episode 23 – Blackface

Join me today as we discus an array of topics!

Jayme Closs… missing 13 yr old Wisconsin girl believed to be in danger. Parents were shot dead in their home two weeks ago. Find out the details and what to look for.

BLACKFACE: bear with me and LISTEN to everything that I have to say with an OPEN mind. And before you scream racist… just know that I am WELL aware of the history. I am not ignorant, and please just think about what I have to say.

Midterm elections are coming up fast! Let’s talk about the caravan, and the bomb mailings. Are the democrats taking it to a whole ‘nother level?

And more….

Episode 21 – Is Facebook a Private Company?

Hypocrisy can be found anywhere, just look at the pro-lifers when it comes to the death penalty. Abortion is seen as murder, but not the death penalty because of the “law of the land” argument. Well, slavery was once the “law of the land” as well! Another CPS case gone wrong, and a child wrongfully put into foster care. November elections are coming up! Be sure to vote, and if you are in New York, I highly encourage voting gold! Larry Sharpe! With that being said, Facebook has purged hundreds of alt-media pages. Lets talk about the logistics of this purge. Is Facebook actually a private company? Listen in to find out!

Episode 19 – Living In A World Full Of Crazy

Show notes: Welcome back! Join me today to hear a bit about my recent, and totally awesome, trip to D.C. Also up, we disscuss 9/11 and the “outrage” over Trump’s 9/11 day. But that’s not all, because yet again we have Alexandria blah blah blah avoiding all questioning of her spending plans. This crazy lady has on $2 trillion (yes that’s right trillion with a “T”) out of the projected $40 trillion accounted for to go to what her plans will cost….Not to mention, that $2 trillion alone is just in tax increases. Next up on the list… Bret K! Can he really be brought to court? Closing out the episode, listen about a woman who decided the public school system wasn’t educating her kids as she saw fit and decided to pull them out inorder to homeschool them. She has been arrested for doing so and her kids put into foster care. Even though all documentation and paperwork was filled out and filed! Alot more in the episode, including Russia and tariffs, so put your listening ears on!

Episode 18 – Prospective Hemp Bans & Public School Supplies

Show notes: A quick welcome back after a nice summer break! Now that things are winding down we will be getting back into a regular schedule again! Please enjoy this little episode about the farmer’s bill and what could come of it. Will subsidies finally die? Probably not, but a lift on the hemp ban for farmers looks promising! Also, listen to me vent about school supply shopping! If we are supposedly paying more and more taxes every year that are supposed to “fund our schools” then why do I have to buy basic cleaning supplies and supplies for the teachers that the school is supposed to supply? Where is my tax money going because it most definitely is not going towards supplies for the school and classroom. Think about it. Thank you all for listening!


Show notes: First of all a local Ballston Spa 7 year old’s lemonade stand is shut down by a NYS health department worker demanding a permit to sell lemonade! Absolutely shameful!

Trump / Russia continuously clogs the news! COLLUSION they shout! Collusion is the mainstream media’s mantra. But what exactly is “collusion “ by definition & most importantly is it illegal?

Episode 16 – Alexandria Ocasi-Cortez…

Show notes: An entire episode dedicated to breaking apart Alexandria ocasio-Cortez’s platform! We only made it through half of it this week, but tune in for an in-depth look at housing as a “human right” , federal jobs guarantee & the effects of a $15 minimum wage, weapons ban, and more! Also, hear about the strange & scary encounter I had in Utica recently. Next week we will finish up Alexandria’s platform & move on to some other stuff! Thanks for listening

Episode 15 – Fan Picked Content Continued…

Show Notes: Today we continued running through fan picked content as we did not finish it up last week! The supreme court decides that a warrant is necessary for snooping cellular data, the FDA approves the first medicine derived from marihuana, and FINALLY the time has come that I can tell you all about the wedding gif that consumed my life for a few months! So much effort, but TOTALLY worth it! We also start discussing the “democratic- socialist” who won a primary election in NYC, Alexandra Ocasio- Cortez. Thanks for listening!