Episode 33 – Special Guest Andrea Liberator!

Show notes: Today we have a special guest! Andrea Liberator! In this episode we discuss the key points to share when talking about libertarianism. We take a look at Bernie sanders’ 2020 platform and go talk about today’s media coverage of “vents”. Also, listen to Andrea explain what the Roads to Freedom Foundation is all about and check out her podcast!!!

Episode 32 – SOTU pt 2

Show notes: I wasn’t able to cover all of the SOTU last episode so I will pick it all up in this one!

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Episode 30 – Special Guest Eric Hailar

Show notes: Join us today with a very special guest Eric Hailar from the Rebel with a cause podcast! You can find him on spotify and iTunes as well as many other platforms. Topics today include the yellow vest movement, the shutdown/ re-opening, abortion and more. Make sure to go check out Eric’s Podcast!

Episode 29 – What’s the Tea on the Shutdown?

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Show notes: Happy 2019! We are back and ready to kill it this year! So many great things are planned for you all. I am expecting to get 1-2 guests a month on the show. I put out a post asking for guests and SO MANY of you responded! I was amazed at the response I got ack from it. I can only thank you all for the continued support of the show as it grows. A lot was learned in 2018 starting the show and how it’s time to build up from our foundation. Listen today as we spill the tea about the shutdown! Some opposing views on the wall but a good debate and lots of things to think about! Republicans try to discredit AOC with a cute, harmless and silly college music video when there are soooo many other ways to go about discrediting her. Next week we will continue talking about possible 2020 candidates!

Episode 28 – Special Guest: Tom Dillon!

Show notes: Today we are happy to bring on our FIRST guest ever! Tom Dillon is a New Yorker who has overcome hard times by realizing the importance of the individual, becoming your higher self, and venturing across the country seeing new people, places, and connecting with the beauty of the world that surrounds us. Tom’s brand “Find Yours” is all about the importance of finding yourself. You are the creator of your own happiness and we can’t change the world if we first cannot change ourselves. So listen in to hear all about what Tom has to say about his blog, adventures, and how all of this relaters to liberty and our typical libertarian core principals. What a great show to end 2018 and kick off the new year!

*********This will be the last show of 2018! We will be returning in January 2019! I thank all of you so very much for your ears and support! I wouldn’t be here if y’all weren’t here! I hope you all are excited to bring in a fresh new year and are getting you goals set up! Happy holidays!***********

Follow Tom!

Blog: Findyourslife.com

Instagram: @findyours_life

Episode 27 – Constitutional Amendments Cont…

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Show notes: Find me on Spotify now too! Today’s show is a continuation of the previous. We are finishing up going through the constitutional amendments.

Episode 26 – The Constitutional Amendments

Show notes: This show is diffrent than most. Instead of talking about current events, we will be going over the constitutional ammandments. Feels good to get “out of the loop” every now and then! I’m excited to share with you my favorite 2 and least favorite 2 and discuss the rest! Most americans aren’t aware of what the ammendments are past 1, 2 & 13. Most of which can’t even tell you that the abolition of slavery even is #13. So I thought it would be kind of fun to go over the 27 that we currently have. These will be my best understanding/ interprutation of the amendments. If you have feedback of a different understanding that you would like to share with me please feel free to do so! You can contact me via email: ShakedownShanPodcast@gmail.com or on my facebook page: Shakedown Shan.

Episode 25 – Regulations Are Bringing You Down

Show notes: Today we discuss an array of problems that government regulations cause. For one example, listen in to hear about how less regulation could have decreased the amount of people affected by the California wildfires. Kim and Kanye hire private firefighters…. are they libertarians too?! And also, we discuss supply and demand (yes again) and what the effects of subsidizing does to the supply and demand equilibrium and what effects it has on the consumers! (Inspired by a recent facebook quabble).