Episode 12 – You Ain’t Never Gonna Keep Me Down

Show notes: Listen in today to hear about what I believe incentivizes single parenthood. Social programs sound like they are there to help you out, but are really just a cleaver design the government has created and that we allow them to use to take our money and keep people struggling and poor! They want you to need them. They want to be your crutch. These programs aren’t here to help anyone. Let the people help each other. We should need our family, friends and neighbors, not the government.

Episode 10 – GUNS GUNS GUNS

Show notes: I hope you all sang that in your head! In the wake of recent school shootings I decided to revisit the topic of gun control. Not my intentions to use up a whole episode on guns but if guns are your thing, then this is your episode! Next week we will pick up where I left off. Enjoy!

Episode 9 – Technical Difficulties

Show notes: My apologies everyone! This episode is a little rocky, I did not have my laptop charger and lost all of my content as the show started! However, I did my absolute best to try and get you guys a show, because THE SHOW MUST GO ON! Anyways, this episode brings up a few different points about wrongful convictions, women vs. men in the workforce and education, Love gov’t videos, CPS, and family court. Missouri’s judicial system sent an innocent man to life in prison in 2001 for a murder he wasn’t even connected to. Just released this may!

Episode 8 – Happy Mother’s Day!

Show notes: Seattle’s proposed head tax, Connecticut’s new bill to give electoral college votes to the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote, farmers markets, local business, and yet again MORE PC culture but this time with the Boy Scouts. Also, happy mother’s day! Stay tuned to the end to here a little bit from my little man!

Episode 7 – PC Culture & State Run Healthcare

Show notes: Not your prom dress?! The latest outrage sprung from the new wave of “PC culture” we live in. However, “PC” is a form of brainwashing to make all of us like individuals. Listen to hear about the prom dress that “Shook the nation”. Baby Alfie is a great example of what happens when you allow the state to control your healthcare system. Today I go over a free market look at health care and why the free market can better handle healthcare than the state can.

Episode 6 – A New New York

Show notes: Last week’s episode is continued. Make sure to listen to episode 5 first! Finishing up Larry Share’s vision for New York. Can we really turn New York upside down and throw out the DNC? #Cumosgottogo! the Facebook trial & data usage enrages society, but the patriot act and “sneak-peek’ warrants get no second thoughts. Crystals, minerals & psst lives!

Episode 3 – What is Libertarianism?

Show notes: Welcome back! Join me today as we dive into the principles of Libertarianism. Any moral person should align with the basic foundation of Libertarianism. I bet you do and just don’t know it yet. But if you’re unsure of exactly what it is…have no fear! Let’s figure it out together!